Embracing the Future of Metaverse: Hibiki Run and Meta Oasis Form Strategic Partnership

Hibiki Run
2 min readJul 18, 2023


Hibiki Run partners with Meta Oasis

We are thrilled to announce that Hibiki Run has forged a partnership with Meta Oasis, a dynamic metaverse platform based in Korea. As one of the guest speakers at the celebrated Tomo Night in Osaka, Meta Oasis has been gaining international recognition for its innovative approach to metaverse for a long time. This strategic partnership was born from a shared vision of a future where technology and creativity coexist, and where borders between reality and the virtual world become indistinct.

The collaboration is anchored in several key initiatives:

  1. Meta Oasis will assist both parties in joining influencer events in Korea to boost visibility. This initiative is aimed at increasing our exposure in the thriving Korean market.
  2. Later this month, Hibiki Run will co-host AMA sessions with Meta Oasis, inviting a wider audience to learn more about our collaboration.
  3. Hibiki Run will join hands with Meta Oasis to reach out to vast potential KOLs and influencers.
  4. We aim to introduce several marketing events and campaigns in the Korean and Japanese market, strengthening our foothold in these influential areas.

Our partnership with Meta Oasis will not only emphasize each party’s unique selling proposition but also fortify our domestic and overseas marketing collaborations. We are excited to leverage this partnership to attract users, expand our communities, and hold various collaborative events, including AMAs.

We believe that partnerships like ours with Meta Oasis will open up an array of exciting possibilities. Through collaboration, we will foster innovation, expand our reach, and contribute significantly to the way people interact with one another. As we embark on this journey together, we look forward to sharing our progress and experiences with our wonderful communities.

Stay tuned to our channels for more exciting updates on our partnership with Meta Oasis!

About Meta Oasis

Meta Oasis is a global metaverse platform established by Metarian, a subsidiary of the Klay Ape Club. The platform operates under the enticing ethos of LIFE TO EARN, marrying technology and lifestyle seamlessly.

Docs: https://docs.meoasis.com/

Twitter: @Meoaofficial

Discord: discord.gg/meoa

Web: meoasis.com



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