Hibiki Run Genesis Ambassador Program

Objectives & Motivation

At Hibiki Run , we want to share the fun and our app with people like you, and reward you for spreading the word for us. Our Genisis Ambassador Program is designed for influencers and KOLs interested in Hibiki Run and are willing to support and promote Hibiki at our brand launch phase, as an extended founding member of our team.

What we offer to our Genesis Ambassadors

🎧 Genesis headphones NFTs upon v1 App launch

What you mean to Hibiki Run

  • Genesis Ambassadors are the leaders that drives our community’s organic growth;
  • Genesis Ambassadors are the creators with full potentials who dedicate in what they love, and Hibiki is all for establishing strong bondings with them.

How you, as our Genesis Ambassador, can promote Hibiki Run to your community

  • Create exclusive/non-exclusive content at your own pace, with full freedom to address your community in the ways you traditionally do. This means a minimum of 1 post related to Hibiki Run (on the agreed topic and format) every 2 weeks;
  • Retweet and/or like the Hibiki Run content of your choice at least twice a week while the partnership lasts (to have an idea, @hibikirunteam normally posts 7–10 tweets/week);
  • Share on other social media platforms (see below) at least once a week while the partnership lasts;
  • A big plus — and something we’d love — would be an AMA or live chat with Hibiki on your own channels — whenever suits you (get in touch with Angela Wu for this);


Keywords about Hibiki Run

Move-to-earn, move-and-listen-to-earn, fun, web3 native, music, web3 community, independent (indie) artists, fitness, run with sound, NFT, headphone, Audius, PFP NFT, music NFT



Get in touch

Leave us a DM on Twitter, Discord or email to info@hibikirun.com.



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Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run


We up your move-to-earn game with music. Enjoy a journey that is soundful, playful and tokenful.