Hibiki Run October Community AMA: A Recap

Hibiki Run
2 min readNov 2, 2023

The October Community AMA session, held on the festive backdrop of Halloween, was brimming with updates, announcements, and engaging discussions.

For those who couldn’t attend, here’s a comprehensive recap of the key highlights.

Sound Desert and Indie Artists in Japan

We’re diving deep into the Japanese market, fostering relationships with independent artists and integrating music with unique illustrations. A special focus is on NFT music sales and the exciting prospect of hosting offline music events. Quality content and music localization remain a top priority to truly connect with our Japanese community.

Product Updates and Enhancements

The team has been hard at work making crucial adjustments to $HUT, the Raffle Machine, and the app’s user interface. Daily withdrawal limits for $HUT had once been set to 50 and now to 0 to strike a balance between user acquisition and economic stability. Additionally, we’ve revamped the UI/UX and introduced push notifications to enhance user experience.

Governance and HUT Token Economics

We provided insights into HIP-1, outlining its goals, specifications, and the impact on governance and HUT token usage. The community’s voice was heard loud and clear, with the results of the HIP-1 vote leading to implemented changes that reflect our commitment to decentralization and transparent communication.

New Communication Channels

In our quest to cater to our global community, we’ve launched a new English Telegram channel. This platform serves as a hub for updates, discussions, and direct communication with the team and fellow community members in a casual setting.

FanPass Launchpad Feature

We introduced the FanPass Launchpad, a revolutionary feature blending music and NFTs. This includes unique opportunities like purchasing headphone skins, engaging with Sound Desert artists, and participating in a royalty program.

Ambassador Program

An updated ambassador program is in development, promising exclusive perks and rewards for participants.

Security and Fair Play

We addressed security enhancements and adjustments to BonusAllowance to prevent the oversupply of $HUT and counter multi-account abuse. Ensuring fairness in play and maintaining trust within our community are paramount.

Celebrating Milestones

Lastly, we celebrated reaching 50,000 followers, a significant milestone that reflects our growing and engaged community.

Thank you to everyone who joined and participated in the AMA. Your enthusiasm and engagement are what make our community thriving. Here’s to more innovation, connection, and musical journeys together in the world of Hibiki Run! 🎉🎶



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