Hibiki Run: the Web3 app that ups the move-to-earn game with music

Hibiki Run Logo
Revealing the “water” headphone

Our Vision

We believe combining M2E with Web3 music drives the trend of the next generation of M2E experience. And Hibiki Run enters the game with missions to

  • make move-to-earn enjoyable, accessible, and easy to pick up for everybody;
  • facilitate web3 services including wallet, NFT market place trading, etc;
  • create more values with our headphone NFT from PFP (profile picture) and web3 music community;
  • offer realistic rate of return + positive externalities and therefore ensuring project’s sustainability;
  • bridge, with our headphone, PFP and music community.
Prototype at a glance: In-app music player retrieves Audius playlist

Hibiki Run is Unique

Move-to-earn (M2E) <> music

M2E advocates healthier lifestyle, hence token incentives probably remains efficient to gain initial traction thanks to this very positive initiative, although heated debates revealed much concern regarding its sustainability.

  • Audio/music is by nature friend of sports, such as walking and running;
  • When people train with the right music, corresponding BPM helps keep pace and boost fitness experience;
  • Walking/running connect passion, create communities, music only does a better job;
  • M2E with music tells better stories on SNS.

PFP NFT <> headphones

Projects like Mfers or Azuki have proved the power of amazing visual highlights, cool characters with headphones reinforced users’ persona in the virtual world, adding a touch of exclusivity. Headphones boost the user profile customization to any PFP NFT, however you want to wear them.

At a glance: PFP generated with Hibiki Run

Music NFTs <> visualized aggregator

Web2.o internet has started to fail the freedom of creation. In an industry where the “winner takes all”, many indie artists can’t claim full renenue for their original works (e.g. The Music Industry Is Built on Artists, but Shuns Creators).



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Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run


We up your move-to-earn game with music. Enjoy a journey that is soundful, playful and tokenful.