Hibiki Run x Audius: Unveiling Exclusive Headphones

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4 min readMay 5, 2023

We are thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration between Hibiki Run and Audius, two innovative platforms that share a passion for delivering exceptional music experiences to users worldwide. This partnership is a perfect blend of Hibiki Run’s expertise in gamifying music discovery and Audius’ groundbreaking decentralized music streaming platform. Today, we are excited to share with you the highlights of this collaboration and introduce our exclusive Audius-themed special edition headphones: the ZenWave.

The collab

Hibiki Run x Audius

Hibiki Run has always been committed to providing our users with the best possible music experience. Our dedication to this goal has led to our platform ranking among the top apps measured by API requests for Audius. This achievement caught the attention of Audius, and they have now invited us to participate in new API feature testing to enhance the user experience for both parties.

By working together, Hibiki Run and Audius aim to extend their market presence in Asia, particularly in Japan, on both the musician and user sides. Audius’ decentralized platform offers a unique opportunity for Asian artists to gain more exposure and control over their music. Additionally, this collaboration will enable Audius to tap into the thriving Asian music scene and connect with new audiences.

On the other hand, Audius will provide extended exposure for Hibiki Run in North America and Europe. As a result, users from these regions will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diverse musical content that Hibiki Run has to offer. This collaboration is a win-win situation for both platforms, as it will help us grow together and provide even better experiences for our users.

One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is the creation of customized playlists. With Audius’ help, Hibiki Run will curate tailored playlists that cater to our users’ diverse tastes and preferences. These playlists will feature a mix of popular hits and undiscovered gems, ensuring a rich and enjoyable music experience.

The ZenWave headphones

The ZenWave headphones

To celebrate this collaboration, we are proud to introduce the exclusive Audius-themed special edition headphones, the ZenWave.

Inspired by the serene beauty of Japanese Zen Gardens and the transformative power of music. Designed for the pivotal Audius streaming platform, these headphones celebrate the limitless creativity and freedom that musicians from all walks of life can experience when using the platform to build their fanbase, share their works, and ultimately bring their work to the world.

Design Concept:

The Audius ZenWave Headphones are born from the fusion of two distinct realms: the meditative simplicity of Japanese Zen Gardens and the energetic pulse of sound waves. The key design elements draw upon the Audius logo, featuring a purple triangle and soundwaves, and incorporate them into a striking and harmonious visual language.

Design Elements:

1. Zen Garden Waves: Inspired by the fluid patterns of water in a traditional Japanese Zen Garden, the headband of the ZenWave headphones is adorned with a delicate texture mimicking the ripples created by water, symbolizing the flow and movement of music, as well as the resonance and reverberations of sound.

2. Purple Triangle: The Audius logo’s central motif, the purple triangle, is reimagined as a rock formation in the ZenWave design. In Japanese Zen Gardens, rocks represent stability and permanence. This triangular form stands as a symbol of the unwavering commitment that Audius has to empowering musicians and fostering their creative growth.

3. Glowing Ear Cups: The digital headphones’ ear cups are designed with a captivating glowing effect, bringing an ethereal and immersive visual experience. This enchanting glow represents the pulsating energy of music and the resonance of “Hibiki,” offering a mesmerizing visual representation of the harmony between sound and tranquility. The glowing ear cups also create an engaging and dynamic in-game presence, adding to the overall appeal of the NFT in the Hibiki Run app.


The Audius ZenWave Headphones unlocks a new dimension of fun and creativity in the Hibiki Run app. As an exclusive in-game asset, it brings the spirit of the Zen Garden, the vibrant energy of music, and the ethereal resonance of “Hibiki” into the digital realm. Audius ZenWave Headphones offers users an engaging and imaginative experience, encouraging them to embrace the power of creative freedom.

For a limited time, new Hibiki Run users can get their hands on these exclusive ZenWave headphones by using the gift code “audius” upon registration. This offer not only rewards our new users with an exceptional aesthetic experience but also establishes a collaborative framework with quality projects for the future. We believe that creating project-specific headphones will help drive the growth of Hibiki Run’s community and foster even stronger connections with our users.

But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our existing users! In the future, we will explore new ways for you to grab these special edition headphones as well. We value our loyal users and always strive to provide you with the best possible experience and rewards.


Our collaboration with Audius is a major milestone for Hibiki Run and a testament to our commitment to delivering gamified music experiences. We believe that working together will help both platforms expand their reach, empower artists, and offer even better services to our users. As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating this partnership and enjoying the exceptional music experiences and exclusive ZenWave headphones that await. Stay tuned for more updates and future collaborations!

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