NEAR Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run
4 min readJul 5, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce a milestone in our journey — the NEAR Foundation has formed a strategic partnership with Hibiki Run, the innovative nexus of music streaming and digital collectibles. Hibiki Run is revolutionizing music discovery by melding gaming thrills with crypto-driven Listen-to-Earn (L2E) incentives. The Hibiki Run team collaborates with a lot of well-known web3 projects like Audius and top Japanese artists, engaging 80K+ users with unique content.

The Power of Partnership

This partnership harnesses the robust capabilities of the NEAR platform and Hibiki Run’s innovative way of engaging Web3 content creators with users. It’s a collaboration that aims to bring NEAR’s cutting-edge blockchain technology to the world of digital music, art, and exercise, providing each vertical with new opportunities for creation, distribution, and ownership.

The NEAR and Hibiki Run alliance will extend the NEAR ecosystem, bringing blockchain capabilities into an exciting new realm. Through this partnership, we aim to enable creators and consumers to participate in a transparent and equitable digital arts economy, opening up new possibilities for all involved. One notable feature is the “digital Gachapon”. Gachapon is a popular mechanic in Japan that originated from capsule-toy vending machines. Players insert coins into the machine, turn the knob, and receive a capsule with a random item. Hibiki Run has innovatively digitized this exciting concept, integrating it with blockchain technology (more on this below).

We hope that through this combination of innovative concepts, advanced technology, and user-friendly interfaces represents a new frontier for digital arts, creating an interactive and immersive experience for creators and consumers alike. By fostering a space where creators can connect with fans through unique and enjoyable means, the NEAR and Hibiki Run partnership aims to usher in a new era of digital creativity.

The synergies between Hibiki Run and NEAR

Hibiki Run’s mission aligns perfectly with the ethos at the NEAR Foundation. Hibiki Run’s commitment to creating a decentralized, fair, and accessible ecosystem for artists resonates strongly with NEAR’s own dedication to creating a decentralized future. Hibiki Run’s innovative approach to leveraging blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt and democratize the world of digital content creators.

Hibiki Run’s commitment to its community is evident in its unique economic model, “Digital Gachapon”, which ensures innovative ways of distribution and consumption of value for all participants, including artists, audience, investors, and the platform itself. This partnership will extend the reach of this innovative model, benefiting creators and consumers across the globe.

What Does This Mean for NEAR and Hibiki Run Communities?

As a result of this partnership, members of both the NEAR and Hibiki Run communities will have the opportunity to explore a more diverse pan-entertainment ecosystem. The partnership will enable creators to leverage innovative economic tools like the digital Gachapon and an integrated wallet for the in-game assets, amplifying their potential for creativity, distribution, and monetization.

The Digital Gachapon allows creators to distribute their digital content — from exclusive music tracks and art pieces to rare gaming items and experiences — in a fun, engaging manner. With this system, users spend tokens to receive a random digital item, creating a thrilling anticipation of reward that boosts user engagement.

In addition, the integrated Near wallet and the in-game marketplace provides a decentralized tool for artists to list, sell, and monetize their digital assets. This empowers creators to maintain control over their content, while also allowing fans to purchase and collect unique, limited-edition works directly.

At the heart of this partnership lies a shared commitment to bolstering the ecosystem for independent artists. NEAR’s exceptional blockchain technology, renowned for its innovation and speed, is optimally suited to underpin Hibiki Run’s future growth.

We also expect to see an expansion in the diversity of projects and applications on the NEAR platform, offering NEAR users an even wider array of engagement options. This partnership will pave the way for NEAR to tap into the growing interest in the broader entertainment industry, serving as a powerful customer acquisition channel and attracting new users to its ecosystem.

By joining forces with Hibiki Run, NEAR is also poised to accommodate an influx of new users, ensuring a seamless transition and contributing to the sustained growth and evolution of the NEAR platform. The future of the entertainment industry is bright, and we look forward to shaping it together with NEAR.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited about the potential of this partnership. By marrying the robust and scalable blockchain of NEAR with the innovative solutions of Hibiki Run, we are forging a path towards a more inclusive and accessible digital economy.

We eagerly anticipate the myriad opportunities this alliance will bring, not just for Hibiki Run and NEAR’re, but for the broader community of artists, creators, and blockchain enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting partnership!

Together, NEAR Foundation and Hibiki Run will stride towards a future where technology empowers and enables creativity like never before. Join us in celebrating this momentous step in our journey towards a more decentralized world.

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