Thank you Alpha, hello Beta

Thank you Alpha

45 days, 83 countries/regions, 7K+ registered Alpha testers, 4K+ daily active testers, 1.5K+ feedback. Since the announcement of closed Alpha Test, Hibiki Run delivered satisfactory results with users' overall test experience rating reaching 4.4/5.

“I enjoyed the gashapon, since it didn’t look like I could do the headphone minting thing! Gashapon is great!”

Many enjoyed the new way of connecting with music as well as sharing their newly discovered songs created by up-and-coming musicians.

“I found it’s a fun experience to meet new music each session.”

The entire experience is rather what the team has promised: up your music discovery experience to the next level.

Hello Beta

In the meantime, the development team is steadily complementing the mechanism and releasing new functions during closed beta test (CBT) phase, or in their own words, infusing the soul to the game, such as LBS protection, sound effects, music collection, web3 functionalities, etc.



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Hibiki Run

Hibiki Run


We up your move-to-earn game with music. Enjoy a journey that is soundful, playful and tokenful.